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Holidays high in the mountains on a little animal farm
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Restaurant Holzkäfer
holzkaeferThis traditional and cozy restaurant with an ambience like a alpine hut is exactly the right point for a social stay in a stylish mood at evening taking a snack with beer or wine, but also at afternoon outside on a sunny terrace taking coffee and selfmade cake.
walk0,9 km (13 min.)bikecar0,9 kmnav47.6312, 13.0657
Eagles Nest (Kehlstein)
kehlsteinThe Eagles Nest is one of the top destinations in the alps, reachable by public busses and situated close below a peak offering a fantastic view. But you can reach it also by using a mountainbike on a breath-taking road without cars. And finally you can reach it by mountaineering on easy or demanding routes.
car3,1 km (to bus station)nav47.6114, 13.0421
Dokumentation Obersalzberg
dokuThe area of the obersalzberg achieved dubious fame as Hitlers second home. A worldwide attented exhibition including a system of air-raid shelters documentates the horrible dictation exercised by NSDAP at a historical place. Moreover it shows the history of the Obersalzberg grapped by the national socialist dictatorship.
walk2,5 km (37 min.)bikecar3,2 kmnav47.6316, 13.0402
Air-raid shelter at Hotel "Zum Türken"
tuerkenThere is a possibility to visit an air-raid shelter near Hitler's former residence Berghof close to Hotel Türken. Unfortunately it shows just a small part of the originally widely spreaded underground system inside the former restricted area at Obersalzberg.
walk2,2 km (33 min.)bike2,9 kmcar3,5 kmnav47.6336, 13.0436
Adlergehege Obersalzberg
adlergehegeThe Adler­gehege at Obersalzberg is an irresistable attraction especially for children. This zoo accommodates just small and native species like raptors, marmots and snakes. Because it serves as a rescue station for wild animals also, it's possible to meet there some varying "guests" too.
walk2 km (30 min.)bike2,7 kmcar3,3 kmnav47.6334, 13.0484
Golf course Obersalzberg
golfplatzSame place where in winter skiers romps about, there is in summer a widen 9-hole-course- (Par 70) in a very exciting area. Every equipment is to rent at place. So it's possible for beginners to try out this kind of activity with or without professional support spontaneous.
bike3,9 kmcar4,5 kmnav47.6342, 13.0353
Kleines Teehaus
klteehausClose underneath the golf course at Obersalzberg there is a view point at the former Kleines Teehaus at Mooslahner. You cannot reach it by car. The buildings were pulled down long ago. What remained is the view over the Schellenberger Tal with the city of Salzburg behind at an very idyllic and quiet place with a bench to rest.
walk3,5 km (50 min.)bike3,5 kmnav47.6395, 13.0366
Tobaggon run Obersalzberg
rodelbahnThe toboggan run for use in summertime at Obersalzberg is a well liked destination especially for kids and young kept adults. Kick is given by 600 metres gliding down on a stainless steeltrack. Simply stay on track: after a quick downhill run your sledge is pulled up with you again. A go-kart track for little children completes the offer.
walk5 km (75 min.)bikecar5,1 kmnav47.6211, 13.0193
obersalzbergbahnNostalgic feelings are coming up by using the red cabins of the Obersalzbergbahn. This cableway was already built in 1950. Starting in Berchtesgaden it opens up a wide net of trails for hikers. The following infos refer to the upper station. By going down and up again it's possible to include a visit of the town centre of Berchtesgaden.
walk5 km (75 min.)bikecar5 kmnav47.6212, 13.0204
Restaurant Sonneck
sonneckIn this restaurant situated close above the Obersalzbergbahn you can expect plain and native cooking by getting a menu card without frills. The name is program. In case of fine weather conditions you will have there sunshine together with a great view.
walk5 km (75 min.)bikecar4,9 kmnav47.6218, 13.0219
Restaurant Hochlenzer
hochlenzerYou will find this restaurant close below the summertime tobaggon run. The sunny terrace allows a fantastic view to the mountains around and deep down to Berchtesgaden. This restaurant situated at the very nice hiking trail Prof.-Carl-von-Linde-Weg is well-known for tasty and large portionated dishes by adequate prices.
walk4,9 km (75 min.)bikecar5,5 kmnav47.6202, 13.0167
Restaurant Graflhöhe (Windbeutelbaron)
graflhoeheGraflhöhe is situated close below the road Scharitzkehlstraße. It is well-known for its very delicious meals on the one hand but even more for serving creamy puffs in many variations. You can enjoy home-made cakes also by having a great view on the terrace. This restaurant is situated at Prof.-Carl-von-Linde-Weg too.
walk5,6 km (90 min.)bikecar5,8 kmnav47.6137, 13.0179
Rossfeld panorama road
rossfeldThis tollroad is the highest road in germany reachable by your own car. It brings you up to Rossfeld (1 600 metres above sea level), getting a great view there. Together with some other roads it forms a big circle you can enter near below our house.
bikecar23 km (roundtrip)nav47.6268, 13.0922
keltenblitzStarting at the parking lot close below the northern toll station you can reach the top station of the cableway up to the Zinken in 30 minutes using a wide sandy way. There is the restaurant Zinkenstüberl and it is the starting point for a spectacular down-hill run over 2 200 metres by riding the Keltenblitz.
car7,9 km (to bottom station)nav47.6495, 13.0888
Restaurant Pechhäusl
pechhaeuslNear the northern toll station of the rossfeld panoramic road you can enter the very traditional restaurant Pechhäusl, meanwhile modern faced and visited by natives too. A speciality is the "Huatessen". You must book it in advance for 4 persons at least.
walk2,6 km (45 min.)car8,6 kmnav47.6409, 13.0874
purtschellerBranching off from the southern route of the rossfeld panoramic road you can reach footpathes up to the alpine mountain hut Purtschellerhaus within sight from our house. It was built on a ridge below the northface of Hoher Göll. There is no need for great experiences in mountaineering.
nav47.6095, 13.0718
Skiing area Rossfeld
skiThe rossfeld panoramic road leads to a snow-save and family-friendly skiing area without using artificial snow. It is surrounded by an fantastic panorama with view deep down to Salzburg where Mozart was born. The skiing area includes some lifts for skiers and snowborders.
car11,5 kmnav47.6316, 13.0947
Skiing area Obersalzberg (Gutshof)
gutshofThe skiing area at Obersalzberg is small but fine. It includes some lifts and a separate area for playing, tobaggoing and snowtubbing. So it is the right point for families. The restaurant Gutshof invites you for a stop inside historical buildings.
car4,5 kmnav47.6342, 13.0353
Cross-country corses
skatenNo matter if prefering classic or free style: friends of thin skis can find two areas for cross-country skiing nearby at Oberau and Scharitzkehlalm. You have the choice between easy and demanding trails at both areas. And they will impress you equally with a great mountain scenery. And this as the character of both areas could not be more different: wideness with sunshine and a panoramic view at Oberau, a narrow and shady valley with a high probability for snow at Scharitzkehlalm.
car3,8 km / 8,1 kmnav47.6498, 13.0587 / 47.6039, 13.0305
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